Bitcoin Price Update – 5/19/18

There appears to be a falling wedge on the 4-hour. The price is following two down-sloping and converging trendlines, and the price has touched each trendline 6 times — with 3 touches per trendline. We will probably see a retest of the $7,800 area again before breaking out of the wedge. I’m starting to scale in now just in case we don’t. I will continue to buy all the way down to $7.8k. The highest peak is the final price target for the breakout. I will also be watching the 9k level, as I expect major resistance at that price.

Average Entry: $8,200ish
Stop Loss: $7,539
Final Target Price: $9,806

Risk/Reward Ratio: 5.74

See full post HERE.


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